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More than 343,000 women die during childbirth EVERY YEAR. Worse yet most of these deaths are deemed to have been completely preventable. And this problem is not just limited to women in developing nations. In fact the US is the only industrialized nation where the maternal mortality rate is actually increasing, and the racial disparities with respect to these outcomes are shocking. At Saving Mothers our goal is to ensure that ALL MOTHERS - regardless of their ethnicity or socioeconomic status - have access to quality reproductive healthcare services. Founded and run by medical professionals, our approach to this issue centers on developing low cost, low tech solutions such as our safe birth and mPOWHER kits, training the frontline healthcare providers that serve marginalized women, and providing pro bono surgical care to women who would not otherwise have access. We sincerely hope that you will support our mission, because it is our fervent belief that NO WOMAN SHOULD DIE GIVING LIFE.

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