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Support music education, research, and artistic development in Sweden and beyond. A commitment to the future.

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Support music education, research, and artistic development in Sweden and beyond.

The Royal Swedish Academy of Music (Kungl. Musikaliska Akademien) is a central and autonomous force within Swedish musical life. Through a great number of scholarship funds, musicians, composers, researchers and others who are active within musical spheres are inspired, encouraged and brought to the fore.

Your contribution can, for example, support musical life in the following areas:

Young musicians
The Royal Swedish Academy of Music arranges competitions and awards a large number of scholarships to young music students and young musicians at the beginning of their careers.

Children Singing
A nationwide movement initiated by the Academy showing the importance of verbal music in preschools and schools, with the goal to give all children opportunities to grow up with their voice as a natural resource.

The Swedish Musical Heritage
This database makes the hidden Swedish musical treasure accessible and an obvious part of the concert repertoire, in Sweden and world wide.

The Alfvén Estate
In accordance with the will of Swedish composer Hugo Alfvén, the Academy administers The Alfvén Estate and works to offer an inspiring and living artist environment.

The OrganisationThe academy is one of the most influential consultative bodies in music politics and is deeply engaged in discussions about the future of Swedish musical life. The academy today comprises ca 170 Swedish members chosen from diverse areas of musical life. This includes musicians, conductors, composers, educators, researchers, administrators and others who have made outstanding contributions to Swedish music. An additional sixty-some international members have been chosen from among the most prestigious musical personalities of our time, among about a dozen are from the US, such as Renee Fleming, Yo-Yo Ma and Keith Jarrett.

The Academy is represented by a board, its President and two Vice presidents. A Permanent Secretary leads the office staff in carrying out the daily work of the Academy.

Stockholm, Sweden

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