Rome Biomedical Campus University Foundation

The Rome Biomedical Campus University Foundation is a non-profit entity.

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The Rome Biomedical Campus University Foundation is a non-profit entity with the objective of supporting Campus Bio-Medico University of Rome to serve the mission and the ideals of humanistic-scientific integration. The Biomedical University Foundation arises from the awareness that the future of University Institutions depends very much on their financial independence which cannot be based exclusively on ever more tightly controlled public funding or on occasional acts of philanthropy. The pursuit of excellence has high costs and necessarily leads to plans to finance long-term projects. Looking ahead, scientific and economic research and clinical health activity will become increasingly fascinating but also more challenging and competitive. These considerations have led to the creation of an Endowment Fund - similar to that of other important European and international university institutions - at the service of the mission and activities of teaching, research, health care, international expansion and humanistic-scientific integration of the Campus Bio-Medico University of Rome. The Foundation is working to strongly incentivize "benevolence", both that which originates from companies and private individuals, and that which comes from institutions. In the last year the Foundation raised funds for research projects on Alzheimer, Genetic Laboratory and Campus Covid Center, a major challenge not yet over against Covid-19.