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American Patrons and Friends of the Prix de Lausanne International Ballet Competition and its non-profit foundation

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Join us and become a member of the American Friends of the Prix de Lausanne. Help underwrite the future of a young dancer and attend the Prix de Lausanne as a VIP guest. Find out more here below and by clicking on one of the fundraising categories in our profile, or by contacting us at

Please join us for the thrilling culmination of the 53rd edition of the Prix de Lausanne! The busy weekend, from Friday the 7th to Sunday the 9th of February, 2025, is a highlight of Lausanne's cultural and social season and will include studio visits and privileged behind-the-scenes access, the selection of finalists followed by a festive announcement cocktail, the extraordinary finals competition, an exclusive celebratory dinner at the historic Beau Rivage Palace gathering esteemed artists, jury members, prize winners and international patrons, and the delightful Rising Stars performance, featuring some of today's biggest international names and most promising talents.

One of the world’s most prestigious and highly anticipated dance events, the Prix de Lausanne is an annual international competition open to dancers aged 15 to 18 from all over the world. Unique in its kind, the Prix de Lausanne has been recognized worldwide for over 50 years as a symbol of excellence and a role model for its exemplary ethics and focus on the dancers' wellbeing. Over the course of one intense week, it allows a selection of high potential artists to strengthen their skills through classes and coaching with world-class professionals, to reinforce their abilities on stage and, finally, to continue their training thanks to an annual scholarship or apprenticeship at one of our top-tier partner schools and companies.

The Prix de Lausanne enjoys key relationships with many American companies and their schools, such as American Ballet Theatre, Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, San Francisco Ballet and the School of American Ballet, as well as the Paris Opera Ballet and the Royal Ballet, among other prestigious institutions. Your support as a Patron or Benefactor will help ensure that prize and scholarship winners continue their training at the highest level and join the ranks of the world’s finest dancers, following in the footsteps of Julie Kent, Darcey Bussell, Carlos Acosta, Gillian Murphy, Ethan Stieffel, Marcelo Gomez, Precious Adams and so many more.

In addition to the life-changing scholarships offered each year to the prize winners, the Prix de Lausanne also offers substantial support to dancers who need financial aid to attend the competition, as well as stipends to the dancers and coaches who enhance their training and visibility by participating in the Choreographic Project and Young Creation Awards.

If you are unable to assist in person, we invite you to help underwrite the future of a young artist by making a tax-deductible gift to the American Friends of the Prix de Lausanne Fund.*

53rd edition of the Prix de Lausanne: February 2-9, 2025
Competition's Finals: Saturday, February 8th, 2025 at the Beaulieu Theater
Gala Dinner: Saturday, February 8th, 2025 at the Beau Rivage Palace
Rising Stars Closing Performance: February 9th, 2025 at the Beaulieu Theatre

More about the Prix de Lausanne:

Since 1973, the Prix de Lausanne has successfully worked to promote the art of dance and choreography with the help of donations and grants to support young talented dancers in their pre-professional journey.

As a non-profit foundation, the Prix de Lausanne works year-round beyond the main competition to develop leading and inclusive educational programs with high added value for young dancers, such as the top-rated International Summer Intensive Program, the Partner School Choreographic Project, the Swiss Workshop, or the now famous Young Creation Award. Our international preselection rounds in Latin-America, Asia, and other regions, aims to support young dancers from underprivileged areas while promoting equity, diversity, and inclusion in the dance world.

A pioneer in innovation, the Prix de Lausanne has developed a digital platform connecting its vast network of schools and companies with its candidates from around the world, allowing them to receive offers of scholarships and apprenticeships through their participation. Recently, the Prix de Lausanne has collaborated with the prestigious EPFL (Ecole Polytechnique Federal de Lausanne) to expand its innovation projects and explore new ways of virtual reality and digital interactions within dance and its audiences.

• Discover exceptionally talented young dancers from all over the world, allowing them to be seen and recruited by renowned professionals and directors;
• Support their education and develop their talent by awarding them full training scholarships to the best schools and companies;
• Promote their school education (the dancer’s career is short, from around 18 to 38 years old, on average) by ensuring that they obtain an end-of-studies certificate;
• Raise awareness among young dancers on the absolute priority of their physical and mental wellbeing by applying a strict health policy and promoting exemplary ethics in the field of dance;
• Foster diversity and inclusion, promote contemporary creation and emerging artists;
• Encourage and develop outreach actions through community initiatives and local partnerships.

*Thanks to the American Friends of the Prix de Lausanne, U.S.-based individuals and organizations can make payments of any amount via credit card, check, or wire transfer; all contributions are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by the United States Tax Code.