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Working with partners to implement impactful and sustainable educational programs across the nation.

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Prestasi Junior is the Indonesian operation of Junior Achievement Worldwide (Boston, USA). We are registered with the Republic of Indonesia Ministry of Law and Human Rights as a Foundation and have been present in the nation for 17 years. We focus on improving and augmenting the education of young Indonesians (5 years - 30 years) through implementation of innovative experiential learning programs. These initiatives focus on the key pillars of financial literacy, workforce readiness, entrepreneurship, and STEAM education either within schools or as community-based undertakings. Our reach is diverse and, in 2022/23, we are reaching more than 250,000 beneficiaries. We have been working with young Papuans (between the ages of 18-30 and majority female) in a comprehensive entrepreneurship development project lasting 36 months. This is taking place in the Province of Papua - one of the more remote areas of the nation. We also implement programs for the underserved in metropolitan areas such as Jakarta and Surabaya. Our beneficiaries are, in the majority, representative of marginal socio-economic backgrounds and we are always amazed with the enthusiasm of these young people when given the chance to become involved in our learning initiatives.

PJI focuses on addressing many of the sustainable development goals including contributing to a quality education, building partnerships, and promoting gender equality. Utilization of digital strategies and tools has promoted remote learning in support of the creation of an entrepreneurial spirit together with improved financial literacy. Collaboration with a broad range of partners has enabled us to engage individuals representing a wider age group. We continue to mobilize diverse programs which are culturally appropriate and tailored to ensure understanding at a variety of levels. The positive impact of our initiatives. In 2023 we have been selected as a partner of the Ministry of Education and Culture, Republic of Indonesia, to implement innovative initiatives aligned with the new Curriculum Merdeka implementation. This provides PJI with access into schools across the archipelago with work readiness, digital and Financial literacy, and entrepreneurship initiatives.

Prestasi Junior’s success stories are indicative of the positive effect our organization is having on many thousands of young people’s lives in Indonesia. However, this success would not have been possible without the excellent support provided by our many partners representing both public and private sectors. It is this support which enables us to deliver innovative education resources/strategies, mobilize exceptional volunteers, and provide access to those in need.

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