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Empowering local communities to achieve wellness, learning and innovation in Malawi. Join us, Miracle for Africa for Malawi

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We envision a Malawi free from poverty – your partnership makes that possible.

The Miracle for Africa Foundation is devoted to empowering Malawians to take charge of their own development, focusing on the three most universally important paths to prosperity: health, education and agriculture. Driven by compassion, partnership with local communities, and a belief in the value and equality of all lives, we attest to the potential of Malawians to be the drivers of change in their country. We have dedicated the last decade to investment in the country's medical and educational infrastructure and human capital. In the decade to come, we are poised to take the next step in standing with all of our Malawian brothers and sisters in building a brighter a future.

We invite you to join us by standing in partnership with local communities to achieve the extraordinary. Together, we can unlock the potential of the Malawian people to be the drivers of sustainable growth and change in their country. Building from a decade of action and success, we look ahead to a brighter future with our Malawian partners: In 2008, we officially opened Daeyang Luke Hospital to provide full medical care to the community – one of only 20 hospitals in a country of 16+ million people.
In 2010, our College of Nursing opened alongside the expansion of our in-patient ward.
In 2013, our specialized Ophthalmologist Clinic opened.
In 2014, Daeyang College of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) opened its doors to provide innovative education opportunities to Malawian youth.
In 2015, we launched our Intensive Care Unit and College of Medicine, to train the next generation of Malawian doctors.
In 2016, our vision grew to encompass agricultural research and development with a practice farm for local families. Just last year, we finalized the design of a central library with renowned architect Steven Holl, which will be the centerpiece of our campus and a symbol of aspiration for the region. We also developed the final plan to guide our hospital expansion, with a vision of 500 additional beds at the Daeyang University Teaching Hospital and 200 beds at the Mzuzu Medical Centre. Thank you for your generosity and commitment to the people of Malawi.

You can advance the development of health and education in Malawi.


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