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MDCC is a Denver-based nonprofit mental health organization. Our goal is to promote social equity through access and understanding

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At Maria Droste Counseling Center, we provide accessible, community-centered, high-quality mental health counseling and clinical training. We serve those seeking healthier lives, regardless of ability to pay.

​Maria Droste Counseling Center seeks to be the leader in high-quality, sustainable, and innovative mental health programs and services for underserved populations. In 2021 we served nearly 1,900 clients, virtually all from marginalized, underserved, and diverse communities. In our 30 years serving the needs of Colorado communities, we have trained over 800 therapists to work specifically with these populations. In 2022, we had our largest and most diverse class ever, preparing our providers to serve the ever-evolving populations of our state. With your help, we continue to invest in the future of Colorado's mental health. At Maria Droste, we believe that all people have a right to access mental healthcare, regardless of their identity, background, or ability to pay.

Maria Droste intends to cultivate a strong internal culture for all members: therapists, staff​,​ and board. These are the values we live by

Clarity Statement and Values:
Who are we? We are an organization of mental health professionals, learners, and volunteers embedded in our community.
Why do we exist? Mental health regardless of wealth; improving access to care.
How are we different? We are a unique, scalable model of practitioners who pay it forward.
Where are we going? We are responding to evolving community needs with purposeful growth.

What are the values that guide our behavior?

Internally: We are committed to promoting a culture of belonging and embracing our differences.
Externally: We cultivate partnerships that are socially responsible and respect diversity in all its forms.

Internally: We are passionate learners dedicated to self-awareness and continual growth.
Externally: We help clients with personal growth to achieve a higher level of fulfillment.

Internally: We make a difference by empowering one another with accountability and compassion.
Externally: We respect the dignity of those we serve by delivering accessible, quality care.

Denver, CO
Small organization
A 501(c)(3) nonprofit, EIN 84-1182130