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At LPTM, Black and Brown boys express themselves; navigate life challenges; mentor their peers; and transform their communities.

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Life Pieces To Masterpieces (LPTM) provides opportunities for Black and Brown boys and young men ages 3-25 to express themselves; navigate the challenges in their lives; teach and uplift others as mentors; and contribute positively to their communities.

Boys enter the program as early as age three, with programming including a daily afterschool arts and education mentoring program from 3:00-7:00, which involves transportation and a meal, a college- and career-prep Saturday Academy for high school young men who also serve as mentors, a full-day six-week summer program, and family and community engagement. All programs are free for all youth and families.

In all programs, LPTM provides an environment of love, security, and expression. Black boys and young men, from pre-school to grad-school and beyond, discover their authentic selves; awaken to a sense of purpose; have their brilliance and humanity valued and nurtured – and see themselves as the beautiful Masterpieces they are. In their artwork, advocacy, and model of mentorship, our Black boys and young men are protagonists of positive change.

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