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Lex Mundi Pro Bono Foundation is a nonprofit organization focused on global pro bono support for social impact organizations.

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The Lex Mundi Pro Bono Foundation was created to support and empower those working on high-impact, sustainable solutions to social, economic, and environmental challenges. Established in 2006 as a nonprofit affiliate of our parent organization, Lex Mundi, our mission is to engage Lex Mundi’s global community of 150+ top-tier law firms across 120+ countries to bring critical, high-quality pro bono legal support to social impact organizations. Our flagship offering is our legal matchmaking program. We find and vet quality transactional legal projects with social entrepreneurs and connect them to skilled Lex Mundi member lawyers for assistance. Beyond the matchmaking program, we also provide legal mentoring to help social entrepreneurs become thoughtful and effective consumers of pro bono services; create, curate, and distribute guidance documents on common issues affecting social enterprises; identify resources to assist organizations as they grow, and; develop and facilitate clinics and other speaking engagements for social ventures.
Washington, DC
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A 501(c)(3) nonprofit, EIN 20-3925475

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