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KIDS INC. is a 501c(3) nonprofit founded in 1990. MISSION: Create, Educate, Entertain, Inspire and Empower Youth. EIN 84-1139356

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KIDS INC. is committed to children's safety and empowering youth. We're super excited to introduce kidsinc.ONE, featuring, showcasing and connecting youth performers, actors, artists, athletes, creators, dancers, models, micro and mini influencers, entertainers, their families and fans. It's the first safe social space parents can trust. Accessed by invitation.

ONE aspires to be a supportive community where members promote their talent, showcase profiles, host livestream events, gain sponsorships and bookings, monetize creativity, start fan clubs, fundraise and more.

Parents will feel comfortable allowing their preteens/tweens to hang out feeling assured they are safe and free of bullying, stalkers, porn, scams, phishing, tracking, keylogging, collection and selling of their data.

Parents will also find valuable tools to connect with other parents (more privately) and help establish the vibe of the community into one families trust and appreciate.

There is no family friendly all ages social space designed with the safety of children in mind that does not seek financial gain on children's time, attention and data.

Mainstream social networks and popular apps are owned by investors seeking a return on investment. They're in business to make money. They monetize users time, attention and data. Users are products without regard to their privacy or humanity. Mainstream is biased, manipulative and hardcore porn is only one accidental click away from young eyes. Mainstream is toxic and havens for fake news, stalkers and child predators.

> Instagram fined $400 million over children's data violations
> Instagram: Ireland's Data Protection Commission (DPC) fined
> Instagram $402.2 million after investigating its handling of children's data
> Meta/Facebook: Fined $275 million over children's data violations
> WhatsApp: Fined $267 million over children's data violations
> Google: Fined $170 million over children's data violations
> Amazon: Fined $888 million for violating the GDPR
> TikTok: Could be fined $29 million for failing to protect children's privacy
> TikTok fined nearly $16 million for “misusing children's data.
> Didi Global: Fined $1.2 billion by the Chinese government for violating data privacy laws

The fines social media giants pay for violating children's rights are negligible because their revenues are so enormous. They also spend millions lobbying congress and in contributions to political campaigns.

Studies conclude that mainstream social networks have devastating effects on users mental health and well being, especially on vulnerable tweens and teens.

ONE is not a replacement for mainstream social networks/apps. Let's face it, millions of people are addicted (by design), and they're a source of income for many users.

ONE is a safe alternative for celebrity youth and millions of families who prefer their kids not use mainstream social media networks/apps.

ONE is perfect for tweens just starting out. It's our safe corner of the net to create, learn and explore. Great for first time social network users.

ONE offers parents peace of mind.


  • Publish Artist/Entertainer profiles
  • Showcase gallery images and videos
  • Create subscription based fan pages
  • Play games, watch movies, publish blogs, and more
  • Artist/Entertainers Directory Listing
  • Special Livestream Events (coming soon)
  • Educational Workshops (coming soon)
  • Casting Opportunities (coming soon)
  • Scheduled Virtual Concerts
  • Monetization Opportunities
  • Sponsorship Opportunities
  • and much more!

KIDS INC. is a nonprofit organization founded in 1990 by an Educator/Entertainer to produce a very popular multicultural youth touring group that were Safety Ambassadors empowering kids with important safety tips through live and televised performances.
Fast forward 33 years and KIDS INC. is still committed to empowering talented youth and promoting children's safety, health, happiness and well being.

Funds raised will support kidsinc.ONE empowering families and youth by providing a safe social ecosystem with opportunities for young artists to flourish and young fans to enjoy.

Denver, CO
A 501(c)(3) nonprofit, EIN 84-1139356

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