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The Jeneba Project transforms the lives of girls in Sierra Leone via a high quality foundational and civics education.

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A Next Jen revolution.

The Sengbe Pieh senior secondary excellence academy is dedicated to granting dozens of promising young women access to a quality high school education and to paving a way for them to forge a bright future. Through the academy, students not only gain strong academic foundations but also learn to establish their voice, gain awareness of their rights, take pride in and ownership of their minds and bodies, and gain the confidence to march forward and dictate their own successes.

We aim to transform the face of education for girls in Sierra Leone with a mission to foster intellectual growth, develop leadership and catalyze social impact across communities.

We focus on four pillars of success:

  1. Education quality: Our small class cohorts of 24 girls are taught by six subject matter teachers, which enables the personalized attention needed to achieve strong academic foundations.

  2. Civic and Female Empowerment: On “Special Fridays”, we teach topics key to civic education with a special focus on female empowerment.

  3. Critical Thinking: By moving from corporal punishment to PBIS (Positive behavioral interventions and support) techniques, we create an environment where girls feel comfortable posing questions rather than avoiding wrong answers.

  4. International exposure: We host international guest lecturers onsite. In the past, these partners have expanded computer literacy skills; taught girls about their reproductive systems; and conducted art therapy to foster self-esteem and resolve conflicts.

We are ready for a revolution! Join us in creating this next generation of women who are adamant about making the future a better one for themselves, their families and communities.

Lungi, Sierra Leone
A 501(c)(3) nonprofit, EIN 27-1519916