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Protecting the most vulnerable on the front line of humanitarian emergencies

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INTERSOS is a humanitarian organization on the front line of emergencies to help people affected by war, violence, natural disasters, and extreme exclusion.

We guarantee access to medical care, clean water, and proper sanitation; we respond to basic needs, such as food and shelter; we identify and treat cases of malnutrition; we protect and assist victims of violence; we support children and, in particular, unaccompanied and separated children, building educational spaces and places for socialization in war zones.

Your support of INTERSOS goes directly to the front line, where it's needed most. Thank you!

"Our operators are committed to providing humanitarian aid to the victims of war and natural disasters daily. They are always ready to protect the most vulnerable and guarantee humanitarian access to the most remote zones of crisis areas, reaching an increasing number of people in need. This is the strength of INTERSOS, an organization of women and men who choose to be on the side of humanity. On the front line, always".

Kostas Moschochoritis, INTERSOS Director General