Institut Imagine - Institut des Maladies Génétiques

To leave no child undiagnosed and without care

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Institut Imagine is a Research and Innovative Healthcare Institute of a new type. Our goal: to better understand genetic diseases to better treat them.

Institut Imagine is a Research Foundation that was created in June 2007, jointly with the Assistance publique Hôpitaux de Paris (AP-HP; Necker - Enfants Malades Hospital), the Université Paris Cité and Inserm. It has developed an scientific and medical project focused on rare diseases, their genetic architecture and life-long outcome. Imagine's strength is bringing research teams, rare diseases reference centers and clinical departments together in one place around patients with genetic diseases, to provide them with better care within a building that hosts 30,000 consultations every year. Imagine intends to address unmet medical needs related to rare diseases by increasing knowledge in a major medical field currently insufficiently covered by most international research and healthcare institutions; and by providing innovation in diagnostics, therapeutics, quality of care and education across rare diseases.


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