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Follow in the footsteps of Marie Curie and join the fight against cancer

A leading player in the fight against cancer, Institut Curie - Marie Curie Research and Cancer Care Center in Paris brings together an internationally-renowned research center (1,200 researchers from 80 countries) and an advanced hospital group that provides care for all types of cancer – including the rarest forms. Founded in 1909 by Nobel laureate Marie Curie , Institut Curie is historically located in the heart of Paris, France but also in the nearby cities of Saint-Cloud and Orsay with a cutting-edge protontherapy center . Every day, more than 3,600 researchers, physicians, caregivers,technicians, and administrators work together to defeat cancer. Institut Curie's work is built on three essential approaches:
Preserving an transferring knowledge
Institut Curie's Research Center promotes interdisciplinaryresearch through 12 mixed research units. Translational research lies at the interface between basic and clinical research, aimed at facilitating and accelerating exchanges between cognitive research and research oriented towards patients and care. OUR PROJETC : BUILDING THE FIRST CHEMICAL BIOLOGY CENTER SPECIALIZED ON CELL'S PLASTICITY IN THE WORLD Institut Curie plays a major role in international chemical biology research thanks to the work of Dr. Raphaël Rodriguez and his team and their recentground-breaking discovery on the role of iron in the metastatic dissemination. Institut Curie is building the Chemical Biology Research Center to support and build on this work by recruiting international research teams andlaunching new multidisciplinary research approaches. It is the first center in Europe specialized in addressing fundamental questions in cancer cellplasticity and its link to metastatic spread and cancer treatment. The new Chemical Biology Research Center will be co-directed by Dr. Fatima Mechta-Grigoriou, PhD and Dr. Raphaël Rodriguez, PhD. The Chemical Biology Research Center will support research to:
Study cancer cell activity in a biologicaland chemical level, discover new biological features underlying cancer progression
Identify and develop small molecules to be used for new treatment aiming to target cancer cell plasticity and block cancer cells from spreading
Discover new druggable targets, design new therapeutic angles and pathways to cure cancer

ABOUT CHEMICAL BIOLOGY Chemical biology is the work in chemistry which is of biological interest and to that work in biology in which the chemical approach is used to solve biological problems. Dr. Linus Pauling Chemical biology is one of the fastest growing areas of cancer research today. This field of research has the potential to uncover the underlying causes of cancer progression and find out how to stop cancers from spreading to different parts of the body, also called metastasizing. Today, metastasis causes 90% of cancer deaths. Finding the key to block metastatic spread will have a tremendous impact on cancer survival and discovering pathways to a cure. Chemical biology uses of chemical principles and tools to solve pressing problems in biomedical research that are challenging to address using classical methods, such as those routinely used in cell biology, genetics, and biochemistry. The discipline involves chemists and biologists to work together on small molecules that have the potential to impact patient care one day if turned into drugs.

As a private charitable foundation since 1921 Institut Curie is supported by donations, grants and bequest. Your support is essential to save more lives. Together, let's beat cancer!