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Inkululeko South Africa Media NPC houses South Africa’s foremost investigative journalism units of the Daily Maverick publication.

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Inkululeko South Africa Media NPC is a registered not-for-profit company and a public benefit organization (PBO), which serves as the not-for-profit arm of the Daily Maverick publication. Inkululeko houses a team of independent and investigative journalists and editors, producing journalism in the public interest.

Inkululeko’s teams include:
- Scorpio Investigations,
- Our Burning Planet Climate Crisis reporting,
- Maverick Citizen Community and Civil society reporting,
- Political Cartoons and
- Internship Training.

These teams respond to the most pressing needs of society when it comes to providing journalism and information that will stamp out corruption and improve lives. We as the media act as the last line of defense in the fight against corruption. Our vision is for people to know more, and to know better having consumed our work. And we do that with our mission: Defend Truth.

Funding independent and investigative journalism provides the greatest returns as a social impact investment because of the change it can bring about at the highest level of government and national policy.

Your philanthropic support is critical to the ongoing function of our newsroom and by extension, South African democracy.

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