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Working for homeless people, people with leprosy, and poor girl students.

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The Help Foundation distributes food to homeless elderly individuals living near railway stations, bus stops, and footpaths in the Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh. It distributes freshly prepared hot rice with dal and bananas to these vulnerable individuals, particularly during the challenging summer months when living without shelter becomes difficult.

The foundation aims to ensure that no one goes hungry. It assists poor people who are homeless, such as beggars, as well as elderly people who were left on the streets by their relatives, with no one to care for them. It aims to help these people by feeding them, which is the foundation’s main activity.

Distributing blankets is a great way to help the community. Donating blankets can make a substantial difference to the homeless population. During rainy and freezing nights, numerous poor people still live on the streets, including millions of underprivileged people who cannot afford a blanket. This often results in death, without a roof or clothing on their bare bodies.

During rainy and freezing nights, a significant number of poor individuals continue to live on the streets. Millions of underprivileged people are unable to afford a blanket, often leading to their death, as they lack proper shelter or clothing to protect themselves.

Additionally, the Help Foundation extends its support to poor people with leprosy. These individuals primarily live near traffic signals and rely on begging to earn little money. Due to their disease, they are restricted from regular work. Many of them lack fingers on their hands and suffer from frequent health issues.

The Help Foundation also helps poor girls through education. These girls have not been able to study because of their families' poverty and socio-economic status. Many parents are unable to afford quality education for their children, so the foundation provides educational materials such as school uniforms, shoes, books, and school bags to these underprivileged girls. It believes that these girls' education has the power to transform communities, countries, and the world. They can earn higher incomes, participate in decision-making processes that impact their lives, and build a brighter future for themselves and their families.


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