Graca Machel Trust

We thrive to ensure that women and children remain at the top of Africa's development agenda.

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Gender Equality
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"We can achieve anything when we work collectively rather than individually."

The Graça Machel Trust (The Trust) was established in 2010 to nurture caring societies that value social justice and promote and protect women and children's rights. We amplify women's movements, influence governance, promote women's contributions and leadership in Africa's economic, social and political development, and advocate for the protection of children's rights and dignity. The Trust was founded by Graça Machel, a global advocate for women's economic and social empowerment, food security and nutrition, education and good governance. Mrs Machel has dedicated her life to improving the fate of women and children, inspiring hope, and building an equitable world for us all. We are Pan African in reach and have a presence in over 16 countries on the continent through our various womens and children networks. Since we started our work, we have reached more than 230,000 women through our economic and social advancement programs and various network-building initiatives. Our enterprise development program has impacted 14,665 women entrepreneurs across Africa. Through our education, child protection and adolescent initiatives, we have positively impacted the lives of 24,248 out-of-school children and adolescents. Your donations will help us transform the lives of children, adolescents and women.

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