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Just a little from you can help us do a lot to help strengthen crucial engagement between news media and the young.

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HOW TO DONATE? Choose one of the options by clicking the DONATE button or send a check made out to Myriad with the note "American Friends of Global Youth & News Media" with short cover letter to :  Myriad USA, 551 Fifth AvenueSuite 2400. New York, NY 10176 USA

OUR AIM? Strengthen the ties between news media and the young to protect democracy and the journalism that serves it by filling some gaps in global action.

  1. YOU CAN HELP US HELP TEACHERS — Our news/media liteacy/Press Freedom Teacher Award teacher laureates do exemplary work throughout the globe helping their students learn why rigorous ournalism is necessary and about the threats to those who do that job. You can help us support them and show others how to emulate this important work. Why is it critical to do that? Because most media literacy work skips that part.

  2. YOU CAN HELP US HELP JOURNALISM THAT SERVES CHILDREN — We help editors of news for children and those who want to do that work. We have done two webinars for beginners about how to get started in doing journalism for children and the lessons from that work for those who do news for the rest of us. When the war Ukraine began, we worked with children's news outlets in a multifaceted #KidsDrawPeace4Ukraine project that will last as long as it's needed. In our latest project, #HowToSaveOurPlanetStep1 we want to get the demands those editors gathered about climate solutions to decision makers, partly to remind those leaders for whom they are really working.

  3. YOU CAN HELP US AMPLIFY TEENAGE JOURNALISM — Our first World Teenage Reporting Project showcased the largely ignored stories of how teenagers where helping during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic. This year's Climate Champion Profiles Challenge celebrated and rewarded teenagers (thanks to our partners) who revealed heroes who are helping save the Earth.

  4. YOU CAN HELP US GET THE WORD OUT — We curate and put into context transferable intelligence from around the world about smart ways news media are engaging youth. Our first page of resources focuses on compelling ways to help students learn about the threats to journalists. We aim to do a multi-part report that the other ways news media contribute meaningfully to media literacy while building support for journalism itself.


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