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Support humanitarian aid for people affected by the crisis in Gaza

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Food Security

The humanitarian crisis in Gaza continues to worsen. Since October 2023, over 30,000 people have been killed. Thousands of children are missing, likely injured or dead under the rubble of destroyed buildings. Over 1.7 million remain displaced at emergency shelters, facing severe shortages of food, water, fuel, medical supplies, and other essential resources. Dire water, sanitation, and hygiene conditions, damaged hospital infrastructure, and malnutrition are exacerbating urgent needs.

Myriad USA launched its Gaza Humanitarian Fund to pool donations for three trusted partners delivering critical aid to displaced individuals in Gaza - Taawon (Welfare Association), Medical Aid for Palestinians, and Mersal Foundation for Charity and Development.

Taawon (Welfare Association)

Taawon is one of the leading independent Palestinian non-profit organizations. Since the first day of the conflict, Taawon has coordinated humanitarian interventions in Gaza. They support more than 400,000 displaced individuals by providing their basic humanitarian needs such as food, water, clothing, and blankets, in addition to aiding hospitals with medicines, medical supplies, and fuel. Donate directly to Welfare Association |

Medical Aid for Palestinians

For over 30 years, Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP) has been working to ensure that all Palestinians have access to healthcare, and the full realization of their rights to health and dignity. MAP is responding to the ongoing emergency in Gaza by providing immediate medical aid, food, and humanitarian aid, while supporting local capacity for the development of the Palestinian healthcare system in the long-term. Donate directly to Medical Aid for Palestinians |

Mersal Foundation for Charity and Development

Based in Egypt, Mersal Foundation provides high quality healthcare to those in need. Their humanitarian program for Gaza includes medical aid convoys with supplies, equipment, medicines, and sanitary products; free remote tele-medicine and tele-therapy services; and volunteer medical personnel stationed at the border crossing in case of emergency medical evacuations. Donate directly to Mersal Foundation for Charity and Development |