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Mersal Foundation for Charity and Development

High quality medical services for marginalized groups in Cairo and the region.

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Mersal Foundation for Charity and Development is a non-profit organization that serves in the health field and works on providing all types of healthcare with high quality to whoever is in need.

To be the number one medical organization in Egypt and the Arab region and proactive in ensuring the right in healthcare for the marginalized groups and those who are in need the most.

Working on analyzing and filling the gaps of the healthcare system to provide high quality medical services on the basis of equality and dignity through enabling a charitable healthcare system for whoever cannot afford it, as well as contributing to the development of the health sector.


  • Providing medical services to whoever deserves them regardless the cost or for how long they will be needed.
  • Spreading medical awareness in all the places it serves in.
  • Achieving sustainability in funding its activities Core Values.
  • Privacy: Mersal ensures the patient's eligibility to receive its services without hurting their dignity or exposing them to any kind of embarrassment.
  • Healthcare With No Discrimination: Mersal is an open arm to all patients with no discrimination whatsover; whatever religion, nationality, color, or language, all patients in need are welcomed to receive the organization services.
  • High Quality: Mersal provides all types of medical services in the highest possible quality through its network of specialized medical personnel.
  • Credibility and Transparency: Mersal announces the size and sources of its fund as well as its administrative and medical expenditures, The foundation financial reports and annual budgets are available through several outlets through which any person can explore how resources are managed. Mersal believes in the importance of being specialized in specific fields and its early choice was the healthcare services.

In the past six years, the organization registered over 25,000 patients from 27 provinces. Mersal has been seeking to enable access to its services all over the country. And the dream of helping those who are in need whoever they are and whatever the cost and time is still alive, Mersal has worked over the past six years on getting close to its patients throughout their treatment journey.