Fundacion ACUA

Promote development of Afro-descendant and indigenous communities in Latin America

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ACUA's mission is to promote the social, economic, and political development of Afro-descendant rural and urban communities by promoting income generation and the appreciation of cultural assets through knowledge exchange, research, social recognition, and political incidence. Most of the foundation's work is carried out in the Pacific coast, where the majority of Afro-descendant populations and territories in Colombia, Ecuador, and Perú are located. Since 2015, ACUA has also worked with indigenous communities in Colombia. ACUA's main objective is to improve the quality of life and income generation capacity of Afro-descendant and indigenous people who develop sustainable business based on their cultural assets. This objective is achieved through three strategies: 1. Making visible traditional knowledge and practices through documentation, research, and recognition. 2. Directly supporting businesses with cultural identities helping them establish links in local, regional, and national markets. 3. Supporting political incidence for the inclusion of ethnic and/or biocultural elements in public policy instruments.