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Fungi Foundation

New York, NY


The Fungi Foundation is a global organization that works for the Fungi, their habitats, and the people who depend on them.

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Launched in 2012, the Fungi Foundation is the first NGO dedicated to the fungi kingdom. Since its inception, it has achieved numerous milestones while dedicating itself to exploring the fungi world in view of increasing knowledge of their diversity, educating about their applications, and recommending public policy for their conservation. As part of our ongoing 3F initiative, the foundation played a key role in enabling Chile to become the first country in the world to include protection of fungi in its environmental legislation. More recently, the foundation proudly announced the Fantastic Fungi Education Curriculum, the world's first mycological set of courses designed for schools.

In short, the Fungi Foundation envisions a healthy planet in which Fungi are recognized, protected, and embraced as the interconnectors of nature; a mission that would be impossible without the essential support of our kind, engaged donors.

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A 501(c)(3) nonprofit, EIN 85-1478153


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    Jasper Degenaars

    Without fungi, all ecosystems would collapse. They are the ultimate creators of abundance, we owe them everything and they ask for nothing in return. They have been around for longer than anything else on this planet. Our survival depends ...

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    Danielle Caners

    We all deserve greater understanding, innovation, education and stewardship of fungi. They are powerful allies to all life. I believe in Fungi Foundation and all the devotion backing its initiatives.
    Here's to Flora, Fauna AND Funga!

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    Nat Kelley

    Fungi are essential to our existence on this planet! And yet we have only documented 6% of all species - meaning so much potential to be discovered in terms of fungal medicine and technologies. Plus it can provide food sovereignty while reg...

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    Kenosus Org

    I am very proud of this chilean foundation and its mission.

    Mushrooms are a fundamental part of my life helping me to nourish my body, prevent diseases and heal my soul.

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    Rafael De La Fuente

    Fungi are at the end and beginning of the life cycle, they possess incredible intelligence and are the key to so many the challenges that humanity faces today.