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DC KinCare Alliance supports the legal, financial and related service needs of relatives who raise DC children in times of crisis.

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Fueled by high rates of parental incarceration, gun violence, addiction, and mental health problems, some 9,000 DC children live in homes with “relative caregivers.” DC KinCare Alliance is the only organization focused solely on serving these caregivers, who rise to the occasion when parents are not able. They often live at the margins of economic stability yet face an uphill battle in a system designed for traditional families, one that expects relatives to step in without aid. A team of lawyers works to support them (usually grandmothers; often disabled themselves), offering free legal representation and education, as well as assistance with obtaining identification and advocacy in acquiring effective health and mental health care, financial supports, and other services for the whole family. The only organization in DC focused on this population, DC KinCare Alliance helps those who have opened their homes and hearts to children in need.
Washington, DC
A 501(c)(3) nonprofit, EIN 82-1855402