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100% volunteer run nonprofit that provides one time assistance to escape domestic violence, bridging the gap in services.

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Control Alt Delete LLC removes the barriers that keep people in unsafe domestic violence situations. We bridge a gap in services by working directly with Victim Advocates, prosecutor offices, crisis response teams and first responders to help Survivors escape domestic violence. Control Alt Delete provides one time assistance at the immediate time of need.
While we will help anyone that needs to flee our largest demographic is women with children and pets.
We help in 4 areas of need that allow people the ability to escape.

Every escape is unique with it's own set of barriers so we evaluate the needs and systemically work to remove the barriers allowing Survivors to flee.
It can be hard to imagine that something as small as a $10 gas gift card can be the difference between staying and escaping but it is often the reality of someone that has been financially abused. A Survivor may have a vehicle but no money to leave and that can be the difference between life and death.

We are saving lives every single day and are 100% volunteer run with zero overhead. We are not state or federally funded.

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