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Conciliation Resources works across divides with people on all sides of conflict. In the past three decades, our work has contributed to the signing of three major national peace accords and numerous community-level peace agreements. We have supported thousands of community leaders, women, young people and minorities to analyse conflicts and mediate disputes. We have engaged with over 50 armed groups, and established hundreds of peace and dialogue groups and networks.

We specialise in mediation support, dialogue, engaging armed groups, dealing with the past and research, analysis and learning. Our unique Accord publication series documents and analyses the practical lessons and innovations of peacebuilding. Key themes include gender equality and inclusion, climate and conflict and mental health and peacebuilding. Priorities include partnership, anti-racism, decolonisation and localisation. We work in South Asia, South Caucasus, West Africa, East and Central Africa, the Horn of Africa, South East Asia and the Pacific.

We use a range of tools to monitor and evaluate our impact, including ‘Outcome Harvesting’. We are committed to generating evidence of what works in order to improve our own activity and wider peacebuilding practice. An independent impact evaluation of ten years of our work, commissioned by the Swiss government in 2020, confirmed our “high quality input to peacebuilding processes resulting in identifiable positive changes in specific conflict and policy contexts.” And stated that “Conciliation Resources has made important contributions to peacebuilding in many locations.”

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