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The Center for World Indigenous Studies (CWIS) is a nonprofit which supports Indigenous peoples role in international affairs.

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As an independent, nonprofit [U.S. 501(c)(3)] organization, CWIS focuses on advancing Indigenous peoples' ideas, knowledge, research, education, and public policy for a wider understanding and appreciation the social, economic and political realities of Indigenous nations around the globe. Founded in 1979, and having obtained nonprofit status in 1984, CWIS helps ensure that Indigenous communities can safeguard their rights and resources. CWIS does this by:
+ Facilitating nation-building through a global activist Indigenous think tank of volunteer Interns and Associate Scholars
+ Integrating Indigenous healing systems into culturally competent public health care in partnership with the Center for Traditional Medicine
+ Bi-annually publishing the Fourth World Journal exclusively for advancing Indigenous research and academia
+ Managing the Chief George Manual Memorial Library, a digital repository containing over 100,000 documents and publications from Indigenous nations around the globe
+ Developing educational and training courses to advance Indigenous perspectives and enhance personal and professional opportunities on environmental justice, nutrition, integrative medicine, and more

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