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Celebration Radio 101.5 KAMB (Central Valley Broadcasting Co., Inc.)

Celebration Radio KAMB is a Contemporary Christian Music radio station in California's Central Valley, Foothills, & Central Coast.

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KAMB's mission is to inspire people to know Jesus personally and challenge them to follow Him faithfully through the creative use of interactive media.

We have all had times, when we pulled away from God. It’s in our sinful nature to walk away from God and toward anxiety, addiction, workaholism and pride. Regardless of the struggle, it’s in those dark moments that we need a reminder of who we are and how to get back on track.

For Angie, she turned to drugs after losing hope for her future. Deep in depression, her pain got so unbearable that she tried to hang herself. But the rope broke. In a moment of desperation and anger, Angie cried out to God. That’s when she heard KAMB Celebration Radio in the background, and realized that God was there for her all along. That encouragement moved her to get help. Today, she and her daughter listen to KAMB every morning and are reminded that God’s love is enduring, and that life can be abundant.

Because of KAMB, Angie and her daughter have a new tomorrow; one filled with hope.
Every hour of every day for the last 52 years, people have turned to KAMB. Their reasons vary. Some tune-in because KAMB provides a safe place for their family to listen. Some tune-in to worship God and be encouraged in their walk with Him. Others are exploring their faith; in fact, 30% of listeners to Christian radio do not personally know Christ. Like Angie, some find answers and hope for their pain.

Regardless of the reason, KAMB is there for them, inspiring them to personally know Jesus 24 hours per day. Whether late into the night or on the drive to work, KAMB is challenging people to follow God faithfully. Wherever listeners are, Celebration Radio is there as well. From Fresno to Modesto, Sonora to Santa Cruz, the KAMB FM signal broadcasts hope to a population of over 2.5 million people. For those out of range, KAMB Celebration Radio can be streamed online. And people are listening too. According to Nielsen, 92% of Americans tune into radio every week, more than any other media platform (television reaches 87%).

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