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Cultivating a resilient and inclusive Pacific Northwest community.

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We are a philanthropic incubator (fiscal sponsor) for grassroots, community centered projects. We provide tools, guidance and services so that all Cascadians can develop and deliver solutions that meet the needs of their communities at all scales. We envision positive, place based action for an inclusive and unified Pacific Northwest with a recognizable culture of bioregional sustainability.

Since 2015 we have served over 40 grassroots project in every state in Cascadia! We currently have almost 20 projects focused on
● Arts & Culture - Cascadian artists spreading joy through art!)
● Community Connectedness - Inclusive Cascadia in action!
● Education - Learning for Cascadian adults and youth.
● Health & Wellness - For the healthiest Cascadia and beyond!
● Stewardship - Actively caring for our bioregion and beyond.
● Bioregionalism - Celebrating Cascadia!

Your charitable gift cultivates grassroots projects across the bioregion. Our projects are lead by hundreds of volunteers who put in thousands of hours a year to make Cascadia and the world a better place. Donations can be made to CascadiaNow! to help us support our projects or your gift can be designated to any of our projects directly (please email to help us account for your donation directly to a project properly.)

Seattle, WA
Small organization
A 501(c)(3) nonprofit, EIN 47-1954164

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