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The BnF's mission is to collect, catalogue, preserve, enrich and communicate the national documentary heritage in France.

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Join us to restore, preserve and make available to all our universal heritage

The Bibliothèque nationale de France (BnF) is France's oldest cultural organization, originating in 1368 as the Royal Library of Charles V. It has grown over the ensuing 650 years into one of the world's largest, most prestigious, and most digitally accessible libraries. The BnF is a leading custodian of a world heritage. Its encyclopedic collections are unique: all disciplines, whether intellectual, artistic or scientific, are represented in a comprehensive way.

The BnF preserves over 44 million documents. In addition, the BnF's digital library, Gallica, provides free access to 10 million documents, for people from around the world to use for reading and learning. The BnF strives to provide educational, cultural and social enrichment to all.

Projects to support
There is a wide variety of projects to support at the BnF: digitization, acquisition, research activities, scholarships, etc.
We selected 2 specific projects you may be interested to support:

  • The Breviary of Charles V acquisition
  • Emergency restoration - salle des Vélins Please, click on the dedicated tabs below to find more information about them. If you wish to find another project to support, feel free to contact us.