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BARNAMALA EDUCATIONAL AND CULTURAL SOCIETY is a registered non-profit secular grass root voluntary organization, that has been serving the upliftment of the rural and tribal poor in their Socio-economic, education, health aspects etc for the past 19 years. BARNAMALA EDUCATIONAL AND CULTURAL SOCIETY is dedicated to the service of mankind and it is founded on the principles of universal brotherhood, love, peace and harmony. The aim of the organization is to release the poor from their physical, mental, emotional, spiritual poverty and place them in good designation and make them responsible and respectable citizens of the country.


BARNAMALA EDUCATIONAL AND CULTURAL SOCIETY is established for the benefit and betterment of needy, poor and economically backward people.

To provide accommodation, food, clothes, valued education and vocational trainings to the orphan, poor children and child labor children.

To provide shelter, food, clothes and medical assistance to the aged.

To render necessary Skill training for the upliftment of poor and destitute women.

To render shelters, good water and sanitation to the rural poor.

Poor families in the area are often in financial crisis because the low wages are not enough to support families.

Mainly to uphold child rights through enrolment and retention of all children in various schools until they complete grade ten, and facilitate their higher education or vocational training.

BARNAMALA EDUCATIONAL AND CULTURAL SOCIETY educate after school program started to provide education to poor children, who are lacking behind in their studies due to child labor and many more reasons. Through these educational programs, BARNAMALA EDUCATIONAL AND CULTURAL SOCIETY has given education to 2000 children by way of scholarships, school kits, uniforms, hostel fee etc, but able to mainstream 1000 plus children in schools and now their studies are going on well. Where ever necessary, BARNAMALA EDUCATIONAL AND CULTURAL SOCIETY provide fees, uniforms, school kit etc to more underprivileged children in rural areas.

Educate Her, Make Her Independent


India is home to 4.1 million out of school girls. It is a fact that sending girls to school brings social & economic benefits to our society. Educate Girls works towards enrolling the rural, marginalized girls back in school, ensuring quality education & transforming the community mindset towards girls' education. Your donation will be matched & supported by one of our funders to enroll girls in schools. When you support us, you help girls enter the schooling system.


In India, girls don't show up to classrooms due to gender-related barriers. This problem is grievous in the villages,where merely 40% girls reach grade 6. Girls in these remote & tribal villages belong to extremely socio-economically marginalized communities where their education is considered futile. They face constant threats of child marriage, early childbirth, poor maternal health, trafficking, malnutrition & abuse brought on by patriarchy,inter-generational poverty & systemic apathy.


Focused on high incidence villages, we work to increase the enrolment & retention of marginalized girls in grades 1-10. Our staff & community volunteers go door-to-door to identify every out-of-school girls in the area & convince parents to enroll girls, mobilize the community through meetings & support school management efforts. To ensure retention, we keep a track of the girls. We keep going back until every girl is enrolled & learning well.

 Long-Term Impact

Educating girls is the single best investment a nation can make. Research shows that educating girls decreases child & maternal mortality, birth rates & violence against women, while massively improving family health & national income. It ensures she educates her own children, makes more informed decisions for herself & her family & enhances her chances of finding decent work. Hence opening doors to achieving many sustainable development goals



Our Nourish year-end celebration always includes as special a time as possible, when our little ones graduate from creche, get to show off their songs and dances to their proud parents, get a new school uniform, share a hearty meal together, and have lots of fun with food, sweets, prezzies and games. It is also a time to cherish the team, who teach, cook, educate and take field trips, for all the positive work they do all year - everyone deserves the gift of joy - Help us make it possible!


The problem is a ripple effect of a low income area, unemployment & poverty. Families have very little money to celebrate Christmas, because focus needs to be on covering vital costs such as food. A child graduating from pre-school is an important educational milestone, and parents cannot afford the cost of the graduation, school uniform, event costs, etc. So finding a way to enable a special Graduation & Christmas for these children at no cost to their families brings & shares joy.


This project will enable us to cover the costs. All donations go towards hiring tents and chairs and sound system, lots of food and cooking, goodie bags for the children with sweets and fruit, school uniforms for the pre-school Graduates to be able to go to Grade 1 , games and toys, jumping castles, staff food  buckets, gifts, transport, photographer, school shoes, and so much more. This gives the gift of joy, allowing parents and staff to celebrate their child's education & have FUN!

Long-Term Impact

The impact will be 45 little Children having a graduation ceremony, and being able to cover all the costs without impacting negatively on their families. These children can then go to Primary school to continue their education. This helps buy school uniforms and stationary. This provides extra food, sweets, fun and games to the other 130 children that come to the decorate village. This shares joy with over 150 households. The long term impact of a day of happiness cannot be quantified.

Train Women to Earn & Live. Break poverty


This project will remove the restrictions and denied right to education against women and girls and We will empower disadvantaged 3000 women and girls yearly through imparting skill training, computer training's, goat farming, organic manure, dairy training educational scholarships and Self-help groups, which will help to generate an income for their families and give a better chance of survival


Investment in women and girls, is a proven path to reduce poverty. They are disadvantaged when it comes to employment, education, and work skills. The right to education denied to girls & women in rural areas still exists. They are also abused sexually, physically, mentally and psychologically. BARNAMALA EDUCATIONAL AND CULTURAL SOCIETY equipped to empower women and girls through sewing, embroidery and computer training to give them a better tomorrow, by promoting equality in the society.


Training in sewing, embroidery, computers, goat farming, organic manure, dairy and educational scholarship to women and girls will enable them to avail jobs opportunities in industries or set their own micro business. Also S.H.G. savings is to meet emergency needs on mutual help.

Long-Term Impact

BARNAMALA EDUCATIONAL AND CULTURAL SOCIETY aims to improve economic status of women and their families through business skills and education. The secret of training is to empower, restore and regenerate women and improve their status.


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