Aurelia Institute Inc

Aurelia Institute is preparing humanity to become a spacefaring species.

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We envision a future where life in space is welcoming, enticing, and practically accessible for all people–whether they wish to make space their new home, or visit briefly to catch a glimpse of our beautiful blue marble planet. While Earth will remain the home base for humanity, we want more people to feel that they can be part of humanity’s space future—both participating in it and building it.

Aurelia Institute is working toward establishing a new culture of space that is not just for astronauts and the privileged few, but also for artists and lawyers, healthcare professionals and teachers, essential workers, and tourists.

Our efforts are focused in three core areas:

  1. Space Architecture R&D
  2. Education & Outreach
  3. Policy
Cambridge, MA
Small organization
A 501(c)(3) nonprofit, EIN 87-2812643