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Our MISSION is to put young girls in the driver’s seat of their future STEM career in design, engineering, fabrication, business.

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When you support Athena Racing, you are investing in the career success of a young girl with unique talents and giving a voice to the underrepresented girls in STEM. With more than TWO MILLION jobs in STEM going unfilled each year, Athena Racing is the digital education chassis providing skills training beyond the classroom to scale up the talent pipeline of the future.

We empower the young girls who are the “nerds,” the “game-changers,” the “status quo demolishers”.

Our intensive online program gives girls a community of like-minded, design-creating, engineering-thinking, STEM-loving peers. During our online events our students experience a variety of topics, meet outstanding STEM role models, and have new experiences outside of their bubble where they will learn a multitude of skills that will benefit them throughout life.

88 cents of each dollar raised goes directly into our programming. Since our founding in 2019, we have worked with over 900 female students and more than 1500 educators with the assistance of 130 volunteers.

We are “Racing to Build the Future” at Athena Racing through Character, Courage, Confidence, and Continuity Programs that encourage critical thinking, develop needed business assets, and foster connections to peers.

It can be a very daunting task as a young girl knowing that you have the skills and the abilities, but are surrounded by old mindsets and exhaustive biases. It’s time for there to be equal representation in all industries, all work spaces, and around all conference tables.

San Diego, CA
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