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With the Lord's direction, and your help, our goal is to provide a Biblical based education to the children of the world.

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With the removal of prayer and the ushering in of "woke" philosophy into our public school system, children are being led astray and developing all sorts of mental and emotional issues.  Those who can't afford to send their children to a private Biblical based school are struggling to raise up their children with Biblical morals.

With your help, we will train up future leaders who have a solid Biblical foundation, which in turn will help steer the world back into the right direction.

We will achieve this through your donations to help offset the costs of private education, and by partnering with private schools, home schools, and Christian educators to provide scholarships to families with children that can't afford to leave the public school system.

It's time for the Christian body to stand up and provide children with a Biblical foundation.

Donated funds will be applied toward this goal.  We are seeking active private & home schools to get involved and provide scholarships for the children.  We know that the future will be bright if our young ones are taught in the right way.

Jurupa Valley, CA
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