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We're a street outreach program and foster based dog rescue dedicated to animal welfare 🐾 ❤️

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"It's ironic that I started out on theses very streets in the 80s and was apart of a documentary about homeless youth, now here I am 32 years later helping those living in homelessness on the very streets that I began on long ago.

Seattle Dogs started in 2014, helping one dog at a time, one paw with one bag of dog food one paw at a time we handed out pet food. After working hard to have it all midway through our lives we spiraled down the windy road to nowhere fast and as the world we'd built with unwavering love, dealing with hardships, forging our happily ever afters, having beautiful moments with our 3 young grankids, enjoying our dogs, it all came crashing down, were we really at rock bottom? With the reality of losing our home in our faces we began to navigate homelessness with our 4 dogs

we understood the obstacles, needs and necessities of these dogs and their humans. We had no idea when we started this that we would grow into who we are today. We look forward to learning and growing as we navigate our way thru the need of the animals and their humans

Diagnosed with stage 4 liver disease I am truly living that country song "live like you were dying" by Tim McGraw, while surrounded by love I battle my illness and push to keep Seattle Dogs going,we have to stay open, we must keep going, it's keeping me alive, with this I ask you to please donate! With folded hands, head bowed, a partners support, beautiful friends that push me forward while still loving me at my worst, my as grandaughter now a woman of 20 she is strong, standing beside me with all of this + amazing donors like you giving Seattle Dogs air to keep us going we've got what it takes to continue to keep moving forward, working together to save lives,

Thank you ❤️‍🩹

"Give me a lever and I'll change the world"

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