Providing Safe houses for children and mothers begging , assaulted and trafficked in Bali.

Yayasan Bali Street Mums and Kids

To empower women and children who have been subjected to violence, assault, trafficking, begging and poverty in Bali.

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We provide safe houses for children and mothers who have been forced to beg, trafficked or assaulted in Bali. We provide medical and food aid, counselling, education and Safe homes. We support 180 children and 65 mothers at present. Some children and mothers live at our Safe houses, others come from the impoverished slums .

Many of the children need intensive medical aid and counselling, as well as safety from being further trafficked and exploited.

Our programs include education and schooling for the children, recovery from assault. Literacy lessons, family planning and skill training for the mothers so that eventually they can support their children with a decent income.