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West Fund works to make abortions accessible and affordable to people in west Texas. Everyone deserves choice and access!

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West Fund is a non-profit organization formed to serve individuals in the West Texas area. We work to make abortions accessible to individuals who need them, and fight back against bad legislation and anti-choice rhetoric. We hope to build support within the community, so people in El Paso and West Texas can all come together to support choice and help people live their lives in the way they see fit.

At West Fund, these are our values: we believe that all people have a right to choose what is best for their bodies and lives. And, that people of all races, genders, ages, economic situations, and documentation status deserve access to an abortion, and proper abortion care. Because access is getting more and more difficult, we came together to help people receive the care they need, despite the barriers put in place by legislation, distance, and money.

If you believe in the same things, please consider supporting West Fund and the West Texas region in any way you can!

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