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We Heart Seattle (AKA I Heart Downtown Seattle)

Seattle, WA


Boots on the ground, grassroots community effort to make Seattle beautiful and safe for all to enjoy

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We Heart Seattle is an action-based, boots-on-the-ground movement that organizes trash cleanups in our public spaces and offers resources to those in need.  Through our direct civic engagement we lead the way to a more compassionate and healthy community.

To meet these goals, we:

* Organize regular volunteer trash cleanups in public spaces
* Offer individualized assistance to those in need 
* Create a sense of community by welcoming everyone to be involved in real civic engagement
* Build a network of people who no longer walk by neighbors in need and areas needing repair while expecting someone else to help
* Utilize all available safe housing, shelters, and treatment facilities for anyone who is ready
* House our neighbors quickly without the typical restrictions, delays and inefficiency that has kept many on the streets
* Clean up litter and eradicate graffiti
* Develop great partnerships with like-minded stakeholders
* Work cooperatively with city and county employees and leaders
A 501(c)(3) nonprofit, EIN 85-3654192