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VotingWorks is a non-partisan, non-profit dedicated to building secure and affordable election technology to increase voter trust in elections.

Our mission is to make election technology everyone can trust through transparency, simplicity, and demonstrable security.

In all of our work, we collaborate closely with election administrators.

We believe that trust is earned only by being publicly accountable for everything we do. That's why we're the only non-profit voting system vendor in the United States, why all of our source code is publicly available, and why we actively work in the open with leading academics in the fields of voting security and usability.

We believe that democracy is too important for secretive machinery and that public trust demands complete transparency. We are committed to open-source code and open documentation. Our development process is transparent: you can follow every new feature as it is developed, every bug fix as it’s applied, and view the tests we use to verify all of our code works as expected.

We’re the only voting system in the United States that provides this level of transparency.

View all our code on GitHub:

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