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Providing Ukrainians, a supply of food by partnering with local Ukrainian based organizations such as bakeries and suppliers.

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Ukrainian Care Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing Ukrainians a direct supply of food and humanitarian supplies by partnering with locally based Ukrainian organizations such as bakeries and other food production facilities.

We provide nourishment to Ukrainians in need.

By preventing hunger and malnutrition, we empower Ukrainians to overcome injustice, displacement and poverty while rebuilding their lives.

Founded in March 2022 in Oregon, Ukrainian Care began as a local organization dedicated to humanitarian supply collection and shipment directly to Ukraine.

As of today, they have collected more than 900 boxes of supplies that were shipped via air and sea freight. Those items were then distributed to Ukrainian communities by local humanitarian organizations within Ukraine.

We are currently focused on providing affected Ukrainians a direct supply of free bread.

The founder, Klavdia Ancheta Moore, is an American citizen, but grew up in Berdyansk City, Ukraine. Klavdia currently resides in Oregon and founded Ukrainian Care because of her love and dedication to her home country and its people.
A 501(c)(3) nonprofit, EIN 88-1088639