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Trucks With Room To Spare Inc is a nonprofit organization focused on public safety, disaster recovery and relief.

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During Hurricane Michael in 2018 there was a desperate need, many relief groups and organizations were desperately asking for transportation help.

Transportation and supplies have always been a vital need in times of disaster, many organizations are small and distributing donated supplies, so the cost of transportation is out of reach. Especially with donations coming in from many areas of the Country and World.

These organizations are nonprofits, church groups and community organizations, that work to fill the voids that FEMA and other organizations miss, and these groups stay in the areas long after the media leaves to help in the rebuild and clean-up process for the disaster victims.

We are a group of truck drivers that have come together because we believe that “old-school” values still exist in the trucking industry, and the need to help these families is important! So, we formed Trucks With Room to Spare.

Trucks With Room to Spare is a nonprofit who works with fellow drivers to provide transportation, warehousing, and distribution of donated supplies for these hard-hit families and communities. Through education and community outreach we also inspire to change the industry image as well as promote safety and giving back to the people we serve daily.

Because one pallet of supplies to a community that has none can help hundreds and a truckload can impact thousands!

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