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Triple F Empowerment Inc

New York, NY


Triple F Empowerment Inc, the Harlem non-profit that operates Ms. Steph's Science Club. We provide fun science classes for youth.

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Looking ahead into 2022, we, as an organization, are resetting our hypothesis (like the science buffs we are) to test the theme for 2022 of Why STEAM? This is to answer for our community why Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM) are integral subjects in the daily lives of our students.

This answer comes in the myriad of instances where our students, having learned and reinforced a new concept at Science Club, are then able to retain and apply said concepts in other settings. Dejah, for instance, recently tested in school on a concept in her middle school science class. She was able to excel on the exam due to her having learned these very concepts 18 months prior in Science Club! Through Ms. Steph’s Science Club, students are exposed to fundamental lessons that prime them as subject matter experts starting as early as pre-school.

The community of students we serve, from pre-school through high school and alumni (college and beyond) managed through Summer Science Club and our in-school programming with a renewed excitement, even though the prolonged pandemic, and new in-school/in-person safety protocols. We were able to use our circumstances to our benefit to teach our curriculum in multiple ways through in-person as well as virtual programming.

We know Ms. Steph’s Science Club makes a difference in the lives of hundreds of students, their families, and the communities within which they reside. You can help us grow our programming and the reach of our STEAM curriculum, with your one-time gift or monthly contributions. Your impact covers the following:

- Operating budget to fund staffing and program operations
- Traveling Science Teacher staffing and partnerships
- Saturday Science club staffing and science kits
- Summer Science Club preparation and science kits
- Virtual learning equipment

Won't you help us empower the next generation of STEAM professionals by pledging your monthly contribution today?

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