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We train young people to solve the world's biggest problems using tech. Our goal is to help billions by unlocking human potential.

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Are you interested in shaping the future of education? According to the World Economic Forum (WEF), education systems have grown increasingly disconnected from the realities and needs of global economies… With your help, we can change that.

Unlike traditional education, The Knowledge Society (TKS) doesn’t care about conventional metrics like grades or extracurriculars. We care about curiosity, ambition and the desire to make a big impact in the world. We then equip these young change-makers with the knowledge, skills, and an environment of encouragement to solve some of the most important problems of our times, transforming these ordinary teens into “tech superheroes”. TKS has been recognized by WEF as a School of the Future.

How do we do it? Students from across North America participate in a 10-month accelerator program with weekly sessions on emerging technologies in areas like artificial and nanotechnology that are changing the world. They participate in real-world challenges that companies are currently facing with a community of like minded peers. They earn access to top-tier mentors and unique opportunities like conferences, speaking engagements and internships. They develop foundational mindsets like gratitude and first principles thinking which will help them make a significant impact on the world. This is a program unlike any other.

The result? TKS students have gone on to work at leading startups and tech companies, earn research positions in cutting-edge research labs and even land VC funding to bring their projects to life. Our students are using emerging technologies to tackle the biggest problems in the world you care about: health, climate change, data security, and social inequality.

Your donation will keep TKS accessible to all students, regardless of their family’s financial means. Many of the most impactful transformations and top-performing students are from low-income families. Every $5000 invested in TKS provides access for one student to participate in this life-changing program. We invite you to help us build the next generations of world-changers.

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