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The Markup is a nonprofit newsroom that investigates how powerful institutions are using technology to change our society.

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As a nonprofit newsroom, our journalism exists to serve the public. And that’s why we have embraced a Show Your Work philosophy. Whenever possible, we will publish the underlying datasets and code that we use in our investigations, as well as a detailed methodology describing the data, its provenance and the statistical techniques used in our analysis. We invite academics, journalists, policymakers, consumer activists, and community organizers to engage with our findings—after all, this is for you.

We also want our stories to reach you where you are. That means we will publish our stories on our own site and also through distribution partnerships with other media. And because we know many different types of audiences—including those we don’t know about!—will be interested in our work, we encourage you to freely republish our work under the terms of our Creative Commons license.

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