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Spritely Institute builds, researches, and standardizes networked technology which put people and communities first.

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Centralized social media is harmful to society. We are building a gatekeeper-free decentralized system. Our mission is “social media done right”, to put people in control of their own identity and build the technology that would enable a shift to collaborative and intentional security models prioritizing active consent. To accomplish this, we will build a new architecture for the internet: removing the necessity of client-server architecture, replacing it with a participatory peer-centric model.

Spritely’s technology is being released as free and open source software aiming for multiple programming language implementations and eventual open standardization. All of our work, ranging from decentralized identity, peer-to-peer user agents, decentralized social networks, encrypted and portable storage, and distributed object programming infrastructure is being built to enable a gatekeeper-free path where users and content are not tied to a specific server.

A 501(c)(3) nonprofit, EIN 87-4257919