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The Food Bank continues to do the day-in and day-out job of making sure vulnerable neighbors get the food they need. Now, we are putting solutions in place, one by one, to be able to continue providing food and helping our community prepare for whatever challenge the COVID-19 presents.

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Every year, the Food Bank works with poverty and hunger researchers to try to understand the food needs of low-income San Francisco and Marin residents. This report, called ‘Missing Meals in San Francisco and Marin’ is a look at the meals we provide to our community’s low-income residents through nonprofit and government food programs, and how many more meals are still needed to fill the gap.

This research provides a rigorous assessment of trends in the food landscape in both San Francisco and Marin Counties, and the role of government and nonprofit food providers in meeting ongoing food needs. The report finds that there are a staggering 35 million missing meals in our service area, meaning that despite historic gains in our local social safety net, we still have much more work to do in our fight to end hunger in San Francisco and Marin.

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