Rescue Stock Yard

Learning from disasters and delivering lessons for safer and resilient communities.

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RSY stands for accumulating knowledge to prepare for natural disasters. Since their establishment after 1995 Kobe Earthquake, the mission is to support disaster survivors continuously, and deliver lessons learned in the past disasters to our society to build safer and resilient communities. The extensive experience of disaster relief can contribute for immediate and mid-term support for vulnerable population in disaster affected area. At the same time, always listening to voices of survivors since every disaster has a different face. That leads to the activity for disaster preparedness. When a disaster occurs, RSY go to the site and assess the needs. They often find and work with local citizens’ groups since such collaboration is a strategy for continuous support. They support victims in evacuation shelters, their collapsed houses and temporary houses. RSY is one of the pioneer non-profit organizations specialized for disaster relief and preparedness. Carrying out relief activities in more than 50 disaster sites including earthquakes, tsunami, eruptions and many floods since our launch in 1995.

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