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We protect the rainforests of Central and South America by working with the indigenous communities that call them home.

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Human life depends on our rainforests. They are vital to the stability of our climate. Rainforests are carbon sinks that surpass our most sophisticated technology; they absorb 30% of the world’s CO2 emissions each year.

Rainforests are also home to more than half of the world’s animal and plant species. They are a constant source of life-saving medicines. Millions of indigenous peoples depend on the forest for their survival, including our planet’s last uncontacted cultures.

Despite rainforests importance, they are disappearing. Today, we have lost more than half of earth’s original rainforests—every year we lose an area of tropical forest the size of New York State.

But together we are making a difference. To date, we have protected more than 33 million acres of rainforest. Indigenous communities of the rainforest are fighting back, holding the front line for all of us. With your support, Indigenous communities can protect the forests we all depend on for generations to come.

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