New Zealand Food Network

New Zealand Food Network

Providing people in need with healthy food, through sharing bulk surplus & donated food.

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New Zealand Food Network volunteer holding crate of donated apples.

For NZFN it’s a collaborative approach, by working together with food businesses and hubs – they can ensure good food isn’t wasted and instead delivered to where it’s needed most.

The benefits of the services for Food Donors are:

  • One single point of contact to move bulk volumes of surplus food
  • Retain their current relationships with Food Hubs
  • Make a significant difference to local communities and those in the greatest need nationwide
  • Make a significant contribution to waste minimisation targets
  • PR Opportunities

The benefits of the services of Food Hubs are:

  • Simple system to receive food as it’s required
  • As more companies channel bulk stock (currently going to waste) through NZFN, Food Hubs receive more food
  • Food Hubs receive a wider variety and can provide more balanced food support packages to their community
  • Food Hubs can redirect their funding from their food budgets to support their other services
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