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We leverage technology to transform the lives of low income youth in Kenya.

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Join NairoBits: Powering Tech Dreams for Kenyan Youth

Empowerment Through Tech: Transforming Lives in Kenya's Low-Income Communities

NairoBits is not just an organization; it's a movement dedicated to unleashing the potential of Kenya's youth through the power of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). We believe in tech as a catalyst for change—a tool that opens doors to new possibilities and levels the playing field for those often left behind.

Our Mission: Digital Literacy for All
We're on a mission to turn digital literacy into a reality for 200,000 young Kenyans by 2025, focusing on the most vulnerable—those aged 17-24, including women, girls, and people living with disabilities. We're bridging the digital divide, one young mind at a time.

Our Approach: Partnerships for Impact
With over 50 dynamic partnerships, we champion digital literacy and professional integration into the labour market. Our programs nurture positive youth development, instilling not just technical skills, but also acumen for responsible living and entrepreneurship.

Our Interventions: Building Capacities, Changing Lives
From InnTech, our computing knowledge powerhouse, to acumen programs promoting life skills and entrepreneurship, we're more than just tech. We awaken youth to societal inequalities, equipping them to act and engage with the world around them.

Our Impact: Measurable Change
We’ve transformed 150,000 lives, expanded our model into 6 counties, and continue to grow. But the journey doesn't stop here. Imagine a world where every child, every woman, and every person with disabilities has the same opportunities to thrive in a digital economy. That's the world NairoBits is building.

How You Can Help
Donate: Your financial support can supply a laptop, secure an internet subscription, or fund a student's entire training program.
Volunteer: Share your expertise. Mentor a student, assist in program development, or support our teams on the ground.
Spread the Word: Advocate for digital equality. Tell others about our mission and inspire them to join our cause.

Be the Change
Every donation propels a young Kenyan towards their dream. It's more than tech; it's a chance at a future filled with opportunities.

Together, we can create a world where technology serves everyone. Support NairoBits today and be part of the digital revolution.

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