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1) Elementary students Invent their 'Dream Machine'. 2) University students Design it 3) Vocational secondary students build it.

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Picture showing university student co-creating a Dream Machine with 12 primary school students

With our unique & multi-award-winning methodology, students in elementary classes, university students, and vocational/technical secondary students co-create a 'Dream Machine' invented by the children. Anything goes, as long as they really, really want it.

MyMachine focuses on the nucleus of entrepreneurship: building creative confidence, how to bring your ideas to life.

Quick video introduction:

Whether you want to solve a challenge in your job or neighbourhood, create something fun, start your own company or whether you want to come up with a solution for something personal or a global issue, all require the creative confidence to express your ideas and bring them to life.

This is where (in the words of Harvard University) MyMachine delivers the "I can do that" perspective to all participants.

__learn that having ideas is important. That you shouldn't be afraid to express your ideas -even if they sound a bit weird or challenging in the beginning. They learn what it takes to bring an idea to life; and that you can do it by collaborating, respecting each other's talents, and being persistent and resilient.

Teachers and Professors
__experience the power of project-based learning. A superb way to improve our outdated education system. Students in Project-Based Learning classrooms significantly outperform students in typical classrooms (scoring up to 28 percentage points higher) according to four studies released by Lucas Education Research. It is also proven that Schools with PBL classes have fewer problems with bullying and violence while outperforming in academic results.

And it's not just all hard work, the best part of it: it's also crazy fun!


Invented by kids:

  • The Making-People-Happy-Again-Machine
  • The Revolving Bunk-Bed (The-Never-Discuss-Anymore-Who-Gets-To-Sleep-On-Top-Machine)
  • The Giving-Compliments-Machine
  • The Stop-Poverty-Machine
  • The Homework-Making-Machine
  • The Candy-Making-Machine
  • The Chase-Away-Evil-Ghosts-Machine
  • ...and many, many more. Discover them here:

So, what is your Dream Machine?

Your gift will make a lasting difference in helping us achieve our goal of bringing our powerful model to as many students as possible, worldwide.

With over 1.5 Million Student-Hours of impact, students on all continents have already learned that they can also contribute to society, rather than just be a consumer of society.